• Extending Telecom Providers’ Reach Via SD-WANs

    Telecom providers are going through their own special brand of digital transformation. The propagation of 5G networks will give them more reason to expand their reach to mobile/wireless customers in every corner of the globe.

    A surging remote workforce is driving demand for voice services via traditional telephony or voice over IP (VoIP) methods, requiring telecom providers to scale those infrastructures in real-time. And providing value-added digital services (data, content and media) with their voice offerings to an exploding number of distributed users that may live and work far from centralized telecom metro hubs means they need to integrate cloud services (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) on-demand.

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    A proven strategy for telecom providers to extend the reach and scale of their services is to leverage SD-WAN networks and other network functions virtualization (NFV) services. By moving to more OPEX-based and elastic virtual network services, telecom providers will be able to deliver the capabilities that their customers need in less time and for less cost.

    Building out telecom infrastructures has always been a CAPEX-intensive activity. It requires providers to ship hardware to specific locations near the greatest number of customers and assemble the pieces locally, regionally or globally. To deliver the best quality of service (QoS), telecom providers need to place IT infrastructures as close to their users as possible to avoid tromboning voice and data traffic over long distances between users and centralized telecom infrastructure.

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